Comm. 310

Creating Online Media

This site is a companion to my Comm 310 course, which is a "technical introduction to search-engine optimization and standards-based web design and production. Training in semantic HTML markup, CSS-based design and dynamic PHP scripting; overview of the history, current status and future possibilities of HTML." In this course you will receive training in creating user-centered online media. In this course, everyone is both a teacher and a learner.

Teaching and Learning

Teaching cannot occur without learning, and learning cannot occur without change. I know that many of you will not become web designers. But in my teacher's heart of hearts, my deepest desire is for this course to change you. I believe you are already amazing, but I also believe there are patterns, models and truths that you have not yet discovered. Some of the patterns and models that you have adopted (or that you will be tempted to adopt) are incorrect. Changing these models can be challenging, which is why learning and teaching are challenging. In this course we learn and teach by doing. We learn and teach by messing up, figuring out what went wrong and trying again. That's how I learn everything that I know deeply.