Learn. Teach. Do. Never bored.

I believe that the best way to learn is to do and to teach. When I have a project that I care about, I work hard to learn everything I need to make it the best I can. And when I teach others what I've learned in the process, I reinforce and deepen what I know. Doing and teaching are the best ways to learn.

I made to help me learn web media by doing web media. This project continues to teach me new things as I work on improving it. Someday I might add other stuff, but for now, the majority of the content on is related to the web media course I teach: Comm 310: Creating Online Media.

About Brother Judkins

Brother Judkins profile pictureHi. I'm Brother Judkins. I went to school at Ricks College a long time ago, and loved everything about my experience here. Returning to this campus to teach was surreal—like coming home. I feel so blessed, and love my job. I teach interpersonal communication, visual and web media classes. But I would love my job no matter what I was teaching because I love rubbing shoulders with the finest colleagues and the most incredible students in the world. The spirit on campus is tangible. Even though everything isn't perfect, I believe the Lord is inspiring and directing things here at BYU-Idaho. There's a reason you are here, and there's a reason I am here.