32 Essential HTMLements

[ A Beginner's List ]

# Tag Description Block/Inline/HTML5
1 <!--…--> comment NA
2 <!DOCTYPE html>  document type (non-closing; greatly simplified in HTML5) NA
3 <a> hyperlink (href attribute required for link to be 'live') inline
4 <abbr> abbreviation (title attribute required for 'tooltip') inline
5 <article> self-contained composition; independently distributable 5
6 <aside> tangentially related to but could be considered separate from surrounding content 5
7 <body> body element encloses all user content block
8 <div> the most generic block element; implies 'no semantic tag available' block
9 <em> emphasized text  inline
10 <footer> footer for a section or page 5
11 <h1> to <h6> heading 1 to heading 6 block
12 <head> encloses all non-user content & document meta-information NA
13 <header> header for a section or page 5
14 <hgroup> grouping of headings 5
15 <html> html document--encloses head and body block
16 <img /> image (self closing; src & alt attributes required) inline
17 <li> list item (immediate child of either <ol> or <ul>) "blockish"
18 <link /> resource reference (in head; e.g. to css) NA
19 <meta /> meta information (in head) NA
20 <nav> navigation links 5
21 <ol> ordered list (diirect parent of <li>) block
22 <p> paragraph (must contain at least one complete sentence) block
23 <section> generic thematic grouping of content 5
24 <span> generic inline element; implies 'no better tag available' inline
25 <strong> strong text inline
26 <style> style definition for embedded CSS (in head) NA
27 <table> table  
28 <td> table cell  
29 <th> table header  
30 <title> document title (in head) NA
31 <tr> table row  
32 <ul> unordered list (diirect parent of <li>) block