21 CSS Properties To Get You Started

  1. background-color: colorword #RGB rgba();
  2. background-image: url();
  3. border: solid or dashed or dotted, thin or thick or px, color;
  4. clear: left right both clear;
  5. color: colorword #RGB rgba;
  6. display: list-item block inline none;
  7. float: left right none;
  8. font-family: list fonts in order of preference with system default last;
  9. font-size: unit of measurement;
  10. font-style: normal or italic;
  11. font-weight: normal or bold;
  12. letter-spacing: unit of measurement;
  13. line-height: number;
  14. list-style: inside outside disc circle decimal etc none;
  15. margin: unit of measurement;
  16. padding: unit of measurement;
  17. text-align: center left right;
  18. text-decoration: underline none;
  19. text-indent: unit of measurement;
  20. text-transform: capitalize uppercase lowercase;
  21. width: unit of measurement;