Comm 310 > People Follow me on Twitter (img?) Like me on Facebook (img?) Network with me on LinkedIn (img?) Read my Blog (img?) Watch my YouTube Channel (img?) Find out about my beliefs (img?) three photos I love (300X200 img?) (300X200 img?) (300X200 img?) Rachael Anthoney ( 160X160 img?) Capturing Moments by Rachael Anthoney I enjoy so many things in my life. It's hard to choose just one thing, but if I did, it would have to be photography. What I love most about photography is taking moments in time and sharing them with people. For instance, I want to be a travel photographer and, by using my skills, I want those who can't travel or who want to travel to see things they may not get the chance to see. While here at BYU-Idaho I've had the pleasure of working for the Scroll, the university's paper. I've had the opportunity to meet all sorts of new people here on campus and in the surrounding areas of Rexburg. I've met a boy with only half a heart and followed a Beegees Tribute Band for three days. By being on Scroll, I have learned more about photography My favorite style of photography is photojournalistic. For me, the best photos are the photos that are real. The kind of photo that really captures real life is the one that will capture my attention. Of course, every style of photography has it's place and can be fun. But the times I love most are when I can just be invisible as the camera woman and capture people with their natural emotions. Favorite Things to Photograph Anything photojournalistic Travel Babies Families Food I know nothing about Coding HTML I have never written code in my life. To be honest, it scares me. Technical objects and tasks don't like me. I think they sense my fear. They have taken over my world and there is nothing I can do about it. It seems that the more technical the task, the more likely it is that strange, inexplicable things will happen. Projects will disappear, hard drives will crash, tech support will be stumped, the evil pinwheel of death will raise its ugly head. I like learning new human languages, but I've never wanted to speak 'browser.' I'm not scared of hard work. Hard work never killed anyone, but it's sure scared a lot of people off. Mostly, it's the time commitment that worries me. Add that to my technophobia and maybe you can understand why I think I should run. Now. But resistance is futile. I'm frozen in place like in a bad dream, so I'll give in and get this over with. After all, learning is about faith. I can have faith. Faith just requires work, prayer and a good attitude. With help, I can do this. A Few Comm 310 Friends Ethan Anderson (img?) Todd Aucoin (img?) Drew Barney (img?) When I Study Comm 310 MON TUE WED THU FRI 3-5pm 9-10am 3-5pm 4-5pm © 2013 Your name here